Leg Exercise - Standing Quad Stretch

Commonly Used For: Knee pain and low back pain.

Video Transcription: I'm going to show you a standing quad stretch which is the way to stretch the muscles in the front of your thigh here, tightness in this region commonly causes low back pain as well as knee pain. So the way that you want to do it is if you have difficulty balancing you can use a chair or countertop or something steady to hold on to because you're going to stand on one leg, grab your ankle keeping your knee pointing straight down towards the floor, your going to bring your leg up towards your bottom, just like that. You wanna make sure that you're not letting your leg come forward. It should stay even with your opposite leg that your standing on. If you don't feel a stretch getting into this position, try squeezing your glutes, and that will intensify the stretch. You should feel it right in the front of your thigh here, is where you should feel the pulling sensation. You going to hold that 30 seconds to a minute, and that's your quads stretch.


WARNING! These exercise demonstration videos are designed to be educational. Please consult with your doctor before attempting to perform any of these exercises. If you experience any pain or discomfort, do not continue the exercise. STOP and consult your doctor!