Hip Exercise - Side-lying Hip Abduction

Commonly Used For: Knee pain, hip pain and back pain.

Video Transcription: This is a side-lying hip abduction exercise which is a lower level way of strengthening your gluteus medias on the side of your hip here, which is important to have strengthened that muscle for running, jumping, walking — most activities you want to make sure that you have nice strong hips. So the way your going to do this is lay down on your side, the top leg is going to be the leg that you're strengthening. You want your hip stacked straight up towards the ceiling so you want to make sure you are not rocked back too far. Your bottom leg can be bent, to help you balance, your top leg is going to be straight with your ankle flexed so that its pointing straight forward and then your going to raise your leg up and slightly back, and back down, up and back, and you should feel that right in here. And that's your side-lying hip abduction exercise.


WARNING! These exercise demonstration videos are designed to be educational. Please consult with your doctor before attempting to perform any of these exercises. If you experience any pain or discomfort, do not continue the exercise. STOP and consult your doctor!